• 1) Why should I buy a food truck instead of opening a restaurant?

    Food trucks are the new wave of mobile restaurants that has arrived and will continue to grow!! Is the economical and versatile option that allows the owner to develop his own business plan, and move the business to different areas that will not limit his clients and area of business as a restaurant does. A restaurant is dependent of clients coming in, with a food truck you can go where the clients are.

  • 2) What are the technical differences between the kitchen inside a food truck and a restaurant kitchen?

    None whatsoever, when we build a food truck, we design your kitchen with the same principles as the kitchen inside a restaurant. Our designers and technicians continue to innovate our designs in order to make our truck kitchens increasingly efficient with each design

  • 3) What is the difference in reference to safety between the kitchen on a truck versus the kitchen in a restaurant?

    None, our kitchens are designed with a top of the line fire suppression system, Ansul ML300 recognized all over the United States, This system has an automatic shut off valve, and automatic activation fuses which will prevent any kind of fire to take over, this is the same system used by restaurants all over. Plus, we also add, a regular fire extinguisher and a grease fire extinguisher for further safety.

  • 4) Is there a difference between the equipment used in a restaurant kitchen and the ones installed inside a food truck?

    No, all the equipment installed in our food trucks are professional equipment, same as the ones in a restaurant, all are ANSI certified as required by restaurant codes, and are safely installed the same as in the restaurants.

  • 5) What is the difference in operating expenses between a food truck and a restaurant?

    There are many operational expenses between a food truck and a restaurant. Insurance costs for one, rental expenses, Electrical expenses, Water and Sewer, and last but not least the cost of licensing, while a food truck pays a maximum average of $587.00 for the hotel and restaurant licensing in the State of Florida a restaurant pays double that amount, a restaurant need to pay the county the license plus a fee for each seat in their location, a food truck only pays the license, no seating. The repairs to a truck are much cheaper than to a restaurant, and the maintenance to a truck can be done by the owners, while a restaurant has to hire personnel for the maintenance. You can run the food truck with much less personnel that a restaurant, and your menu can be design to be quick easy and economical too.

  • 6) What is the success rate between a restaurant and a food truck?

    The restaurants failure in the United States is one of the greatest in business, due to the competition moving in their area and the switch on food fairs, the high cost of maintenance and operation, however a food truck is a mobile investment, you can move a food truck to other locations and follow the customer base, also if you move to another City or State, you take your truck with you and your business is ready to start anew, and to commence again.


    Also, a food truck has the ability to be at one place for lunch and another place for dinner, and to participate in food truck events during the weekends.


    Also Food trucks regulations are simpler than restaurant regulations, therefore the rate of success on a food truck is higher and more secured.

When considering opening a food establishment, everyone has questions as to how to go about starting a successful business with a high growth potential. Here at United Food Truck LLC., we strive to assist you in making the best decision to become a well-rounded, prosperous business owner. We’ve compiled a list of common questions to help you assess the benefits of owning a food truck against owning a restaurant.

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