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We design, build and sell custom food trucks and Concession Trailers worldwide. The designs are made for each individual customer and their needs. Our services for food trucks include design and manufacturing, maintenance, reconditioning and remodeling and licensing paperwork/permits. Our Custom Food Truck facilities are in Miami, Florida. We can build a Food Truck or Trailer for you at any time of the year! Whether you’re an entrepreneur starting your first business or an established restaurant or catering company, we’ll bring your vision to life.

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8489 NW 64th St, Miami, FL 33166

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Much more than Food Trucks or Concession Trailers, we build dreams at our 16,500 sqft manufacturing plant in Miami, FL. Our main purpose is to help you get the custom-made tool you are looking for at the lowest price and best quailty. We make sure that your food truck or concession trailer meets all your needs at a low price.

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Amazing costumer experience! The staff has been very helpful with us from the start. They ask all the right questions to get our dream project in the right direction. Thank you!

Enrique Caldera

Very knowledgeable, professional staff. You can tell they pride themselves on the quality of their Food Trucks and facilities. Got a lot of helpful information and the trucks are the best ones I’ve seen so far????

Brock Samson

Thank you very much United Food Truck for the awesome job. These guys did such a great job with our Food Truck Absolute recommend.  They customized to EXACTLY what we wanted, handled everything including deliver.

Finol Consulting

Had such a great experience!
Was very hard find a company like this in Miami, they offered me everything that I need to make my dream happen. My food Truck is top! Thank you guys

Daniel Soto

We had an excellent experience.
The food Truck was built exactly as it was promise in a manageable time. If We need another food truck, United food truck will be our choose.

Marla Hernandez

Excellent customer service, extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend them. Thank you so much United Food Truck, you guys are the best.

Juan Carlos Meneses

I am very satisfied with the food truck I received last week for my business, the high quality and the expertise they have was the key for me to work with them. I highly recommend this company if you are planning to have your own business on the wheels!

beatriz finol

Guys this one of the best if you looking for open a food truck. Amazing services

Luis Mish

Because they build the best food trucks in Miami!


I was surprised with the quality of the work, excellent and responsible!

Noaly Delgado

Professional Team

United Food Truck is a team of multidisciplinary professionals ready to build custom solutions for your mobile food business.

How to choose between a food truck and a concession trailer?

Everyone is raving about food trucks. It may even be your dream to open one someday. But is it? Of course, we love a good food truck! But we also suggest you look into concession trailers. Sure, the name is less appealing but it has lots of advantages and enables you to…

10 Reasons To Open A Food Truck Business

1.  Less Skin in the Game It usually costs less money to buy a food truck and all the equipment than a restaurant sitting and everything that is involved. The costs involved in opening a restaurant vary based on the concept you develop. Opening a high-end dining establishment can start at 500K and…


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